Pickwell and Arnold Boatbuilders        
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  There is always at least one boat under construction, and often one or two 'out back', on the canal, being fitted out.  
As one leaves, another is born.

Here's one without the girl for all you 'purists'.
  A classic 5LW Gardner engine waiting the move into it's new home. (The girl comes as an extra)  

The proud fathers.
Pete Arnold guides a new boat into the water .......
........ and Martin Pickwell steadies the other end.
One of our specialities, a hard wood, collapsable wheel house for a dutch barge (and for those exciting low bridges).
Martin adds the finishing touches to the underside,
just before launch.
A leprechaun is discovered re-wiring a boat (Eric).
David and Pete waiting for a 'lift'
('Lord Nelson' launch)